Exercise and Health

Irrefutable evidence exists in scientific research that exercising is one of the most modifiable determinants of your overall health (1).

Are you beating yourself up right now because you haven’t exercise in months or years? Don’t worry, you are not alone. We asked several readers what there excuses are for not exercising and the reasons were all across the bored. Here are some of the most popular answers:

I don’t have the time– Everyone has at least 30 minutes in their day to commit to physical activity. Make it a priority on your list of things to do. Exercise is just as important as eating throughout the day. Traveling to the place of exercise, showering, getting child care- yes all of these things are time suckers but there are exercises you can do right in your own home. Keep reading.

I don’t have the energy– Yes, at first exercising may be tiring initially but if you keep at it every single day, you will find that exercise gives you more energy than a quadruple- shot espresso.

I don’t want to look stupid- You are not alone, in fact 99% of people also feel like they look stupid at the gym (Just kidding, that is totally made up). But seriously, most people are too concerned with doing their workout routine and probably no one is paying any attention to you. Look around and find the most fit, buff, person within eye-shot and remind yourself that most likely they started out just like you.

I am over weight- Being overweight increases your risk for numerous health problems and chronic diseases (2). This excuse should be all that much more motivating to get started today. Exercising won’t be the fix-all for your health problems but the increased energy and confidence can lead to a cascade of lifestyle changes that can help promote weight loss and over-all health.

I have a “bad” (insert body part here)- With this one you should always consult your primary care physician to see which exercises you can do with your bad back, knee, injury, ect. However, I guarantee you there is some sort of physical activity that is physician approved for you. Swimming or water aerobics are great activities for people with chronic joint pain, but again, always ask your doctor first.

Here are some exercises you can do right now in your own home for free:

  • A brisk walk or jog for 20 minutes per day. For more of a challenge, carry around some light weights or just use rocks if you don’t have any weights at home. Check out our guide to a perfect walk.
  • Yoga- Youtube.com features many of our favorite free yoga routines (see a list of our favorite youtube yogis).
  • Range of motion (ROM) exercises. Activities such as jumping jacks, arm circles, neck tilts, leg lifts are all wonderful, very low-impact activities for beginners. Check out ROM for dummies.

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