Organizing With Ease

One of my favorite quotes is “Don’t mind the mess, we just live here”. The first thing I do when thinking about that junk drawer that needs to be cleared out or that big pile of dishes in the sink is to think about how grateful I am for the family that came over for the dinner earlier this evening. Be grateful for the triple AAA batteries or that tiny, tiny screw driver, all of the small things in the junk drawer that are there when you need them. Feeling grateful? Good! Now take good care of all of those little things that we treasure so much and some of the stress in your life will melt away too. Here is a list of tips and tricks I use to get organized:

  1. Make a list- making a list is the best thing to do when you do not have the momentum quite yet to do anything else. Grab a pen and paper and write down the goals you wish to accomplish today. Do not just write down “clean the kitchen”- think of more specific tasks to accomplish. Creating these super specific tasks is also a great way to get others in the house involved. Here are a few things you might find on my list:
    • Wash the dishes and have my husband load them into the dishwasher right after supper.
    • take things I don’t use to goodwill first thing in the morning.
    • match up the socks in the sock drawers while I am watching my favorite show.
  2. Visit the container store- The Container Store is a wonderland of shelving units, closet organizers, drawer organizers and closet organizers amongst other time saving things. This store really has it all for every junk drawer out there. If there isn’t a container store near you, no worries, target and Walmart also offer a wide variety of similar products. I purchased a desk organizer from amazon to put my make-up in. It has been a total time saver in the morning not having to hunt through drawers to find the products I use every day.
  3. Give everything a home- If you are anything like me, piles of clutter can accumulate over time in drawers and cabinets. Making easily accessible spaces for things you use all of time can help cut down on this. Label everything and NEVER have a miscellaneous drawer. For example, rarely used dress shoes should be stored in your closet out of site, but the tennis shoes you wear every day should be stored in that little coat closet near the door.
  4. Have a calendar- Keeping a calendar in an easily visible spot will make it easier to write down appointments and commitments. Make a habit of checking and updating it every morning at the same time. Writing important things down creates more space in your head for more important things.
  5. Only keep what you need- declutter regularly and know where to dispose of things. Find the nearest goodwill store near you. If you haven’t worn a piece of clothing in the last six months, chances are, you won’t ever wear it and it is time to give it away to someone else. Find the nearest recycling center to discard that pile of boxes in your storage area. Decreasing the quantity of items in your home will also decrease the amount of time it takes in the long-run to organize it all.

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