Top Stress Relief Youtube Yogis of 2018

Here are my top 5 favorite youtube yogis of all time! The videos I’ve linked to are mostly for beginners, but there are videos for all levels. I’ve been practicing yoga for ten years but it is so relaxing most days to just focus on the fundamentals and the mind part of each routine. Yoga is definitely one of my favorite pain killers and stress relievers, but I will just let you see for yourself. Enjoy and Namaste!


1. Yoga with Adrienne

Adrienne is my favorite youtube yogi because she offers such a variety of videos. Videos focusing on relieving stress in specific parts of the body such as headache relief, back pain release, as well as specific intentions such as self-love, mindfulness. She has a calming, down-to-earth demeanor about her that can be felt through all of her videos. Amongst other wonderful videos, she has a wonderful, life-changing series called 30 day yoga journey that is definitely worth check out. Here is the link to her youtube channel Yoga with Adrienne. I don’t think I could pick a favorite from her channel because there is such a variety!

2. Sarah Beth Yoga

Sarah Beth yoga is a wonderful channel for yogis of all levels, but especially beginners. Linked below is one of my favorite videos on her channel because it is a gentle way to start your day and even the busiest person will have just ten minutes in their day to follow along with this relaxing, calming routine.

Sara Beth Yoga

3. Juliana from Boho Beautiful

Boho Beautiful is great to watch when I am feeling like I need a little sunshine and sand between my toes on a rainy day. Juliana and her partner, Mark, film all of their videos in beautiful Costa Rica! These videos will truly make you feel like you are right there on the beach without a care in the world. Linked below is one of my favorite videos they make for stress release because you can hear each wave lapping up to the shore. This routine is perfect for morning or bed time- it is a must try!

Boho Beautiful Yoga

4. Yoga with Kassandra

Yoga with Kassandra is kind of a hidden gem on youtube. She posts new yin yoga videos every week, which I am loving right now. This routine for releasing stress and anxiety is a bit longer than the others, but carving out that time is so important in the process to relieve stress and anxiety. This gentle routine is very informative but I’m loving it because she explains yin yoga so well without over-doing it.

Kassandra’s Yin Yoga


5. Cosmic Kids Yoga

This yoga channel will really bring out your inner child. It is perfect to do with your kids, nieces, nephews, or grandchildren. They have yoga videos for most children’s movies and many children’s books with titles like The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Starwars, and Moana. There is a yoga video for kids of all ages . It is definitely a silly channel but it is an awesome way spend time with the kids while encouraging them and setting an example of being physically active, patient and mindful. Below is the link to my 7 year-old grandson’s favorite Cosmic Kids Yoga video which is Minecraft themed. It definitely beats him playing Mindcraft and other video games all day!

Cosmic Kids Yoga

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