Exercises For Stress

Yoga for Stress and Pain

Prolonged periods of stress can cause elevated cortisol (the primary stress hormone) which can cause things like hypertension, inflammation and ...
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Your Perfect Walk

Walking for 20 minutes a day has numerous health benefits such as Lowering your blood pressure and improving peripheral circulation ...
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Top Stress Relief Youtube Yogis of 2018

Here are my top 5 favorite youtube yogis of all time! The videos I've linked to are mostly for beginners, ...
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Types of Dance Workouts

Dancing is a great way to get some wonderful cardiovascular exercise, improve strength and muscle tone and increase your overall ...
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Health Benefits of Weight Lifting

If there was an activity that could improve your mood, increase your confidence and improve your overall physical health, wouldn't ...
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Impressive Benefits of Cycling

You know that old expression, "it's like riding a bike"? Everyone remembers riding a bicycle when they were younger.  Cycling is ...
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