Stress Management

\ ‘Stres \ “a physical, chemical, or emotional factor that causes bodily or mental tension and may be a factor in disease causation” (3) otherwise known as something you don’t need! Here are some easy ways to reduce stress in your life.

  1. Physical Activity– According to the American Institute of Stress, it is clear that physical activity is has numerous mental benefits although the mechanism is not fully understood (2). Physical activity releases endorphins (AKA the feel-good hormone) into your body. Start off with exercises that can be done right at home, no equipment required. A few exercises you can do right at home include:
    • A brisk walk or jog for 20 minutes per day (a guide to your perfect walk).
    • Yoga- Hatha yoga is the best yoga for stress relief. (see a list of our favorite youtube yogis).
    • Range of motion exercises. Activities such as jumping jacks, arm circles, leg lifts. For more of a challenge try burpees.
  2. Get Organized- Feeling overwhelmed? Stop procrastinating and tackle your to-do list, one item at a time. Research suggests that trying to accomplish multiple tasks all at once actually decreases productivity and quality of your work (1).  See our guide to organizing with ease.
  3. Sleep- 8 hours of sleep for the average adult is shown to regulate cortisol levels (AKA the stress hormone)
    • A guide to your best sleep.
    • Sleep quality improves when if you can fall asleep without staring at a phone, tv or tablet screen. Soaking in the bath improves stress and overall quality of sleep (see our favorite bath bombs of 2018) .
  4. Diet-
    • Nutrition is a vital part of reducing stress. See top ten recipes for 2018
      • Avoid nicotine and caffeine. Some people report feeling short term stress relief with the use of stimulants like nicotine, caffeine and other substances but eventually these substances cause a major burnout.
      • Drink your weight in water.
  5. More stress relief remedies-
    • Check out our Best Stress Relief Products of 2018
    • Meditation and Mindfulness- Studies show that mindfulness and meditation have positive effects on your immune and brain function (4).
    • Hugs– physical contact of any kind has health benefits, but hugs are also great for simply showing support to others and allowing yourself to receive social support as well. Hugs from a scientific standpoint release oxytocin in your brain (aka the cuddle hormone). Oxytocin is shown to reduce blood pressure by reducing the stress hormone norepinephrine. Pretty cool, right?
    • Get Creative- Being creative creates new neural pathways in the brain, reframing potential stressors or obstacles in your life as opportunities (5). Here are a few things you can do to be more creative today:
      • singing or writing a song
      • writing in a journal
      • painting a picture
      • disrupt your habits and try new things such as food, routines, ect.

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