Yoga for Stress and Pain

Prolonged periods of stress can cause elevated cortisol (the primary stress hormone) which can cause things like hypertension, inflammation and metabolic abnormalities. Yoga is an effective way to calm the mind and connect with your body, while bringing in a profound sense of peace and accomplishment into your day. For thousands of years, yoga has been … Read more

Your Perfect Walk

Walking for 20 minutes a day has numerous health benefits such as Lowering your blood pressure and improving peripheral circulation. Reducing risk of osteoarthritis and enhancing bone strength. Reducing risk of heart disease, vascular disease, diabetes, and cancer. Improving mood and overall fitness. The American Heart Association recommends that 150 minutes of walking per week … Read more

Types of Dance Workouts

Dancing is a great way to get some wonderful cardiovascular exercise, improve strength and muscle tone and increase your overall endurance. When people think of dance classes at gyms, they probably associate it with the cringeworthy Jazzercise videos from the 1980’s where everyone is wearing a cheeky leotard and leg warmers. Luckily, exercise dance for … Read more

Health Benefits of Weight Lifting

If there was an activity that could improve your mood, increase your confidence and improve your overall physical health, wouldn’t you be doing it? Strength training does all of those things and more. Nearly 28% of Americans are inactive and half of all people who begin an exercise regimen will quit within the first three months (1). … Read more