Lifestyle changes such as proper nutrition, exercise, and a full night’s sleep will be the best way to combat stress- in a perfect world. When that isn’t enough, supplements are a cost-effective way to manage your stress.

Stress can have many faces; hopelessness, depression, grief, irritability, among countless others. It is a slow, draining pain. Stress can start small and build up to take over your life and even affect those around you – friends and loved ones. It is the kind of injury no one can see and therefore it is much trickier to acknowledge and take steps to change.

But the signs of stress can become visible to others when your body begins to feel “threatened”.

This is called a physiological response – a physical change from an internal threat.

Some examples are:

  • Loss of muscle
  • Unhealthy weight gain
  • Ageing of the skin
  • Bags under the eyes
  • Hair Loss

Managing your Stress

When stress starts taking over your life it can become incredibly difficult to change your lifestyle. After all, the primary effect of stress on your body is fatigue


But if you can make it over the hurdle of simply beginning – it is all downhill from there.

Remember, it takes two weeks to establish a new routine – during those first two weeks it will be hard to stick to your new habits, but afterwards it becomes ingrained in your lifestyle.


These are the two things you need to do to regain control of your life:


#1 – Stick to a Low-Sugar, Balanced Diet


Simple sugars create large ups and downs in your energy levels throughout the day – and you need to avoid crashes and fatigue whenever possible. You are much more likely to give up on your lifestyle change if you are crashing.


#2 – Get your Stress-Reducing Activities (SRA’s) in!


Exercise alone is absolutely vital. Exercise jump-starts the production of anti-stress chemicals in your body. And, among all exercises, there is a select group that specifically reduces stress. If you do any of these exercises for 30 minutes a day, you will reduce your stress.

These are the exercises, they are all linked below – so just click on them to read more. 

Unfortunately, the hard part is starting. If you are reading this thinking, how can I make all these changes when I am too stressed and exhausted to do anything? I suggest taking a look at our Stress and Pain relief supplements pages.


We only recommend natural products which are designed to give you immediate relief.

Below is a link to the highest consumer-reviewed stress relief supplement of 2020 along with a stress-relief supplement guide.

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